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Speaker reimbursement policy

While we urge prospective speakers to seek funding from employers or other benevolent sources, the conference does have a budget for covering reasonable travel expenses for speakers.

This document aims to clarify the general policy around travel expenses. When in doubt please contact the organisers and ask.


The conference will arrange for a hotel room during the conference. You do not need to book or pay for this room yourself. The room will include breakfast.

For speakers arriving from overseas and tutorial speakers the room will be reserved starting on Wednesday, until Monday morning. For local, non-tutorial, speakers the room will be reserved from Friday until Monday morning.

If you need extra days or have special requirements (e.g. you’re bringing a partner and would like a two-person room) please contact the organisers.

Meal and drink expenses

The conference does not cover any meal or drink expenses, other than the breakfast included with your room and lunch during the conference itself.

Note that speakers will get a complementary ticket to the conference social event. This will be pre-paid by the conference.

Travel expenses

The conference covers non-flexible economy class travel. This includes any required bus, train or air travel.

Travel should be booked as soon as practical after your talk or tutorial is accepted, to minimise the expense.

If you prefer a different travel class please include evidence (e.g. a screenshot of a booking page) of the equivalent routing on the date of our actual booking in non-flexible economy travel class and submit this together with your receipt when prompted. The conference will reimburse you the amount written of the non-flexible economy ticket.

Speakers are expected to submit an estimate of their travel expenses when they submit their presentation proposal.

Submitting expenses

Please keep receipts for all of the expenses you would like to have reimbursed. After the conference the organisers will contact you to ask for them as well as your account information so they can be reimbursed.

Required information for reimbursement:

Some overseas speakers may need to provide routing and/or account numbers as well., Please try to provide all required information.

If a bank transfer is not possible we can, but prefer not to, use PayPal.

Reimbursement requests should be sent to treasurer @

For accounting reasons we will be unable to reimburse expenses submitted after this deadline (generally a month or so after the conference).