Help needed

The foundation can still use help from volunteers.

Items that you could help with:

  • bsdfound3The EuroBSDcon Foundation still needs a logo of its own.
    If you have the arts skills required to make a logo that is breathes the spirit of a conference where all members of all BSD families gather, feel free to send us your [draft] design.
  • For 2012 we wrote a registration system from scratch. Although it functioned quite well we still need a lot of functionality in the back-end, which is used by the organizers to produce badges and visitor lists etc. and to track the status of registrations and payments.
  • Collecting, evaluating and selecting abstracts and tracking further requirements from speakers is a lot of work when done manually. We’ve drafted the requirements for a web-based front-end and back-end that organizes all data around speakers and integrates with the registration system.

If you have the skills and time to help us with one of the above, please contact us